Our dyes are solvent soluble dyes of high quality for wide use in inks and outside layer industry. Ensuring superior solubility in organic solvent systems, these solvent dyes are applied as dispersion in a water bath. The dye is generally acknowledged as go away dye have wide application for coloration of polyester fibers. In contrast to ordinary dyes, our solvent dyes are pure in nature and contain low amount of impurities. Food preparation to the special needs of plastics coloration, these dyes can withstand over 350°C of temperature during extrusion and injection mounding process. High quality performance which is comfortable by customers. Red Sun Dyes Cham is also providing different types of dyes and normal price is satisfied to people. Solvent Dyes is so reliable to use any people and various types of color and range is available in Industrial Solvent Dyes India.

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